Squatty Potty Customer Testimonials

Saves time. Saves effort. Saves paper. – Squatting is eco-friendly, too! 

“This thing is super cool!”

As I state in this video, I get a lot of free stuff from companies hoping that I’d help them market their products. Ninety-nine percent of the time I decline.

But when Mr. FedEx dropped off The Squatty Potty the other day, I could not wait to share it with you. 

It’s stylish! You can stow it away by sliding it under your toilet bowl. And it doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb in your bathroom like the old plastic box I used to use.”
- Sean Croxton, Underground Wellness

Is There Anything The Squatty Potty Can't Do?!

My family loves it... it's practically part of the family. I originally bought the Squatty Potty because I was pregnant with my fourth. I knew about the constipation that was going to hit me from the other three. I am always anemic during my pregnancies and have to take iron. Iron = plugged pipes. I was determined not to have this problem. Not only did the Squatty Potty prevent any and all constipation it helped me feel incredible during my pregnancy. I gained less weight, retained less water, had clear skin and felt great! I was regular and believe me, I felt the difference. One added bonus was that it helped me tone, stretch and get ready for birth. I give birth naturally with midwives attending in a birthing pool. There is no better way to push than in a squatting position. I squatted during my previous birth, but it wasn't as comfortable because my body was use to the position. This time, my body was ready to squat. My son was born after less than 2 hours of labor and 5 minutes of pushing. I recommend the Squatty Potty for every pregnant women. It made such a difference. I hope to get one for our two other bathrooms. I'm tired of fighting my husband and kids to use the downstairs bathroom with our "squatty"! Thank you! 
- Nikki, Pennsylvania

This Product Truly Changes Lives!

"I learned about the idea behind the Squatty Potty while attending a pelvic floor workshop led by yoga teacher Leslie Howard. Having travelled to parts of the world where squatting is normal, I had never had the physiological benefits of squatting explained as Leslie did. I did some internet research and decided the Squatty Potty was our choice. We've had ours several months, and my husband and I joke about how much smoother everything goes now. I recently had a routine gyn appointment and told my doctor about the Squatty Potty and how I felt it was benefitting me. She was so interested that, after our appointment, she raced off to tell the department's hemorrhoid specialist about my rave review. In my humble opinion, they should be everywhere! When I stay somewhere without a stool, I look around to see what else I can use to squat. My sense of humor about this matches my amazement that I lived so long "going" against my body's design. The western toilet may have been dubbed "the throne," but long may the Squatty Potty reign!" Thanks again. 
- Mary Keil

Proper Bathroom Alignment

“Being able to get into a proper squat isn’t just about ideal bowel movements, and reducing bloating and hemorrhoids (as if that isn’t enough); squatting can also help strengthen the pelvic floor and prevent low back injuries. Pressure from straining during elimination can cause the nerves that control the Bladder, Uterus and Prostate to become stretched and damaged. Straining can also cause Hernias and Pelvic Organ Prolapse. The great thing about the Squatty Potty is that it raises you up so you can squat over your own toilet and the platform is slightly tilted allowing for those tight calf muscles.”
 - Barbara Loomis, Portland, OR

Most Popular in House

“The toilet with The Squatty Potty is the most popular in the house. I had to buy one for my kids because they wouldn’t stop using my bathroom” 
 - Aly Hansen, St. George, UT

We Are So Happy WIth Our Squatty Potty

“We are so happy with our Squatty Potty! It arrived quickly, is easy to use, and I love how neatly and easily it stows under the toilet. Other home-made squatting options have been big and ugly, and built-in squat toilets hard to find…thanks for this great and simple product!” 
 - Eris Weaver

I Love The Squatty Potty

“BTW. I love The Squatty Potty! It makes my bathroom experience more enjoyable. I recommend it for my constipated clients and any with bathroom issues” 
 - Laini G. Kalispell, Montana Holistic Lifestyle Coach

We Were Meant To Squat

“We were not meant to sit on toilets, we were meant to squat” 
- Dr. Michael Freilich, Proctologist

Internet Quackery?

“May sound like internet quackery, but there’s now empirical evidence for the claim that defecation posture effects your health” 

Squatty Potty Is Wonderful

“Squatty Potty is wonderful! I recommend it to ANYONE. Being a nurse, I see people everyday with elimination problems. Squatty Potty can lessen or even halt the damage done to your body, get one today!” 
- Jenna Jonteaux-McClay

Skeptical At First

“I love my squatty potty! I admit I was skeptical at first. My first life changing experience was on a vacation and I was backed up. I used the squatty potty at a friends house and was shocked at the immediate results. My second experience was the morning of the moab half marathon I was backed up again. Nothing is more miserable than running with a gut ache so I used the squatty potty again and was once again successful. I am obsessed now! I love telling people all about it and honestly everyone needs to have a squatty potty. It’s like turning your toilet into a throne! It is best thing I’ve bought in a long time!” 
- Jaclynn Ash

I Doubted The Squatty Potty

Growing up I never had any issues with my bowel movements. The toilets in my childhood home were very low to the ground which naturally made my legs squat. In 1999 I graduated from High School and began living in apartments and homes other than my childhood home. During the past 10 years I have realized that it wasn’t so easy for me anymore. I’m very short and it seems that most toilets are very high. When I first heard of the ”SQUATTY POTTY” I laughed! “Are you kidding me? Like that works!” My mother in law was convinced that it works and she bought us one for a Christmas gift. I was very stubborn and didn’t even want to try it out. It sat in my bathroom for about 2 weeks before I tried it! So I sat down put my feet on the SQUATTY POTTY and before I knew it I had already had a bowel movement. It was amazing! I sent a text to my mother in law praising her for such a great gift! My body definitely needed to be in it’s natural squatting position for me to be able to easily have bowel movements. I am a TRUE believer in the “SQUATTY POTTY”! 
- Misha Edwards

The Only Fiber I Need!

Good Ol’ fashioned sitting hasn’t been good to me against the battle of the raging rhoids? But now with my knees up, I’m knockin’ poops outta the ball park! The only fiber I need now is already in this sturdy pressed wood stool. 

- Bryant

Lifelong Problem

I’ve had a lifelong problem with constipation and even on a laxative regime I never felt comfortable. Now, at last, with a daily dose of stool softeners and the use of the SQUATTY POTTY, I not only have regular elimination but I also have a more complete movement every time, often more than once a day. Now I finally have what my husband had bragged about for over forty years!!! 
- Kathi

The Perfect Height and Slant

This is a tough subject for me to talk about but I had to let you know how much I love the Squatty Potty. For several years I have had some colon issues so I decided to have a colonic to clean out my colon. After I was finished I had to expel the water that was left inside my colon. The technician told me that I should always use a stool in front of my toilet to keep my knees above my waist as that was the best position for eliminating. I had never heard of such a thing. So when I went home I found a small stool and put it in front of my toilet but it was awkward and also the wrong height. And after stubbing my toe several times in the night thought that it was not going to work. That’s when I discovered The Squatty Potty. Wow! what a difference. The perfect height and the forward slant made it so that I could actually squat comfortably right over my toilet. It has made going to the bathroom a very rewarding experience. My fissure has completely been healed which I have suffered with for years. Thanks Squatty Potty 
- Judy

I Get A Lot Of Headaches

As you can tell from my screen-name, I get alot of headaches. We’ve tried different meds, bio-hormone therapy, meditation techniques and even eliminating certain foods and all alcohol and so on and on and on. Still, if a week went by w/o me getting a headache, or worse a full-blown migraine, there was one right around the corner. For the past 15 yrs I’ve been averaging 3 migraines per month. Most were debilitating and they did affect the quality of my life. A few months ago, at a NY Eve party, when I told an Asian friend, who is an RN, that I couldn’t drink any alcohol because of the migraine problem she then told me about squatting. I was really surprised, and a bit skeptical so it took me almost a month to try squatting. But, I’ve now been squatting for one-month today and I’ve not had a headache since a few days after I started to squat. I am finally headache-free for the first time in 15 yrs. I am also calmer and not as easily irritated … so I’ve also noticed an improvement in my disposition. I dropped a few pounds as well and my stomach isn’t bloated. (LOL – guess I was full of shit) I now always have a complete elimination every time … something I rarely had before. My Asian friend also told me that short people (and children) are more affected by the damage caused by not squatting. Makes sense … and I’m a petite woman … only 5’3″. It took me almost a month to make the change but it was the best change I ever made. I guess if the poop backs up it releases toxins and I’m guessing, in my case, that’s what caused me to suffer from migraines. 
- Mary

My Health Improved Dramatically

I started squatting a few weeks ago. My overall health has improved dramatically. My stomach is flatter and I’m no longer having digestive or stomach problems. I look and feel much better. It only took a little over a week until I started to notice positive changes. They didn’t happen right away. I highly, highly recommend the squatting position for children and adults. Wish I knew sooner. 
- Anonymous Squatter

6 Year Old Screamed, "I Love The Squatty Potty!"

One morning I noticed my son Max (Age 6) walk into the bathroom and shut the door. All of a sudden I heard him scream “I LOVE THE SQUATTY POTTY, IT’S SO AMAZING, IT’S THE RADDEST THING EVER INVENTED!” It was hilarious, but so true. The Squatty Potty works so amazing for my kids. They no longer have to sit and push to have a Bowel Movement. The SQUATTY POTTY (especially the tall one) allows my kids to put their legs in the body’s natural position so they can go into the bathroom and get it done quickly! 
- Max (told by his Mother):

Troubled By Hemorrhoids

Been troubled by hemorrhoids for sometime now and was recommended by a doctor to undergo surgery. I Just learned about the advantages of squatting only the other day. It seems to have been working to alleviate my condition. 
- Robert

Wildly Entertaining Discussion

This was, first and formost, a wildly entertaining discussion. Thank you all. As for you you nay-sayers, frankly, I think that you all should have your heads checked out as well as your rectums. This is a matter that must be approached with an open mind, have you never been camping? How can you deny the obvious and logically streamlined benefits of squatting? Where are your imaginations? Diet? Sounds like a good complement to squatting but hardly an all emcompassing squat subverting solution. 
- Herr VanScheizerman

Excited To Have Squatty Potty

I am so excited to have my Squatty Potty at home! I lived for a year in India with a hybrid squatter/sitter toilet in my home, and got used to the ultra-natural elimination that comes with hunkering down. Ever since then, it’s been an effort (often comical) to get my feet up on walls, tubs, chairs, shelves–you name it. Finally, I can get comfortable in my own bathroom here in the U.S., and my poop time has reduced by minutes. No more waiting! I would like to share my observation that squatting is helpful not only for pooping, but also for peeing. In the literature championing squatting, no one has ever mentioned that squatting is also the most natural position to urinate, and it encourages complete bladder emptying, something both men and women encounter problems with as age advances and bladder/prostate/pelvic floor issues arise. Squatting allows for more complete emptying of the bladder without having to “push” or force, just as with pooping. It’s one reason why I love having my Squatty Potty, and one reason that others should know about, too. Thanks for the Squatty Potty! 
Sincerely, Bhakti

Worked Wonders For Potty Training

Our family had a long and difficult road to potty independence for our 5 year old son (who had lingering digestive/bowel issues and chronic constipation related to premature birth). After years of working to move out of diapers/pull-ups for BMs and having the potty schedule/process literally rule our lives, it was discovering the option of squatting that finally got us over the hump and past the fear of using the toilet. We had tried every kind of toilet training device, method, and strategy you can imagine, spending hundreds of dollars on various seats, stools, books, and other tools (not to mention the GI specialists and other professionals). If only we’d known sooner about the Squatty Potty! There are a few other products on Amazon offering a similar concept, namely a stool that allows one to get into a stable squatting position over the toilet for bowel movements. 

We prefer the Squatty Potty for its sleak, unobtrusive, non-plastic design that easily fits into our narrow bathroom and allows quick clean-up of any splashes or spills. The design allows for anyone in the family to quickly and comfortably get to the toilet and have the choice to use or not use the stool with no need to move it out of the way. There is no blocking the bathroom door, either. 

There are only 2 colors available at this point, the natural bamboo and painted white. It would be nice to have some other options, but since it’s wood, you could always paint it to match your decor if desired. The Squatty Potty is not generally marketed as a potty training device, but it worked wonders for our family. For humorous and informative videos on how to use the device and the other benefits of squatting to use the toilet (as people have been doing since the dawn of time), you can check out The Squatty Potty website and YouTube. 
- S Walton “Lefty Mama”

From A Developing Country

I am from a developing country (India) and squatting is the only known way, almost all homes have traditional squat toilet and water is for cleaning up afterwards. It is a traditional Yoga pose. 
• All these rectal related diseases are practically unknown 
• Colon cancer doesn’t exist even among meat eating people 
• Longevity in western world has increased due to better sanitation and general hygines and not due to advancements modern medicine. Poor People in developing nation die due most to ecto parasites 
• Even elderly parents and grand parents 70+ are comfortable in this pose and no bad knees

I Had Horrible Hemorrhoids

I started squatting about 4 years ago. I had horrible hemorrhoids and was told that squatting was the way to go….If you get my drift. I got on line and found Natures Platform. I ordered two and it really helped me out. I like that it has a broad foot base. I loan them out to see if people are interested in squatting. You can’t beat Johnathon Isbit’s knowledge on squatting. My husband had a hard time using the platform. He went on line and found The Lillypad. That worked better for him…Man, there is great engineering put into the Lillypad! 
I was looking for a potty for my 1 year old granddaughter. To keep her squatting. She squats naturally. So again I went to my computer to find a squatty potty for her.
And there was such a thing, just not for toddlers.
I loved the guy talking and squatting. What a great, funny, way to talk about this touchy subject. I laughed out loud and sent my family the link to watch the video. 
We were looking to get a squatting device for our office in Nevada when I found the Squatty Potty on line. The price is so good and we liked the look of the design. We were curious to see if it fit into our squatting needs. I knew a couple of other people who wanted them too and made an order for three! We all like The Squatty Potty very much.
The best parts for us are, the stability, being able to keep the toilet seat down while squatting, and the easy access of The Squatty Potty. AND we don’t have to take our pants all the way off, when we go!!!!!
It is wonderful doing business with Judy and Bill. They are so kind and happy to listen to my squatting stories.
I like that The Squatty Potty is made in different sizes and materials. So we can all squat within our budgets and flex-abilities.
The new news is that I have three more people that are getting The Squatty Potty. I really love this crusade!!!!

Thanks Judy and Bill, for going for it, and getting The Squatty Potty out to the public! 
- gina

Stricken By Hemorrhoids

I have been absolutely stricken by Hemorrhoids for about the last 7 years. I immediately saw a doctor when the first thrombosis appeared, and he told me that he could operate, but that I would be laid up for weeks, and I wasn’t terribly interested. I gingerly stood up, walked out, and it did ‘get better’ after a few weeks. Unfortunately it came back, disappeared, came back worse, didn’t quite disappear, got worse again, and worse, regardless of fiber / ointments / suppositories / anything else. I had to stop riding my bike. I could not run. This started when I was 25 years old! I had been in great shape (and still am) but lost my mobility due to the incessant screaming from ‘down below’. 

Ok, Fast forward. This past spring break things got so bad that I literally just sat in a chair for a week. I dropped my math classes at the U cause I just could not think about math due to the pain. Finally I went to a colorectal surgeon again. She showed me the color prints of what she called ‘successful’ surgery and I panicked. There was no way that I would submit myself to any of the suggested operations. Especially not the new stapling process. Just look into it if you want to feel really uncomfortable. 

I went home. I searched the internet again and again for ‘hemorrhoid cure’ or similar. I had been doing this for years but never came across the information about squatting. This time I did. 

I found a summary of the study performed by the Israeli doctor, where he suggested to 20 grade 3-4 H. sufferers to squat for a year (and to respond immediately to the urge, whenever possible) and coloscoped them again after the year had passed. 18 out of 20 were completely cured after a year. The two who were not cured had previously suffered at the hands of doctors — they had both had banding operations. Banding is, of course, listed as the least of all the procedures, in terms of ‘down time’. 

Hmm, I said. Hmm. At this point, having a bowel movement was such an ordeal for me that I was looking for anything, and there appeared to be absolutely no downside to trying a squat to to my business. I ordered a platform from naturesplatform immediately after my first experiment on my toilet seat.

First time I tried it I knew that there was something to this 2.5 months have passed. I go every day now. No problem, I feel the urge and I go. I have not sat to defecate once in this time frame. I can’t imagine it anymore. Squatting works so well, and evacuation is so complete that there is no way I would ever go back. 

No way. Never! Oh.. And the Hemorrhoids. They are curing quite nicely. I never even think about them anymore.

 Whatever prolapse I had had is now reduced by 90%. I can easily tuck whatever I need to back where it needs to be and it will not protest. Contrasted with my experiences while sitting it is like I have received a new lease on life. I am quite grateful for the illumination and attempt, as sincerely as possible, to relate to others what they need to do to secure themselves a comfortable future. 

I feel better than I have in 6 years. I can run and do whatever I want to do. I don’t need to take fiber anymore, unless I want it for its benefits. I am certainly not constipated. I am back in touch with my anal canal nerves. Hopefully there has not been too much damage to my pelvic floor nerves. 

One last note on surgery. I read this somewhere and it really stuck. Since surgeries always involve the removal of tissue, it is easy to see how ‘it is impossible to heal that which is not there’. One final note. In having conversations with my mother on this topic, she reminded me how I had informed her that I wanted my diapers back when being potty trained. She gave them back and kept an eye on me. 

She revealed that she finally got me ‘trained’ when she noticed me SQUATTING. Hehe. When she saw that she asked me if I had to go, I said yes, and the rest was history. At least it was until I hit 31 and re-remembered the right way to go. 
- Rolf the cured