Squatty Potty Expert Testimonials

Expert Testimonials

Doctors, Naturopaths, Fitness Gurus & Health Professionals agree on the health benefits of squatting

How I Ate A High Fat Diet, Pooped 8 Pounds, And Then Won A Sprint
Blog article by Dr. Ben Greenfield, Coach, Author and Ironman Triathlete

Just before that tweet on Friday, I used the Squatty Potty and had the most liberating, enlightening bathroom experience of my life. I just kept pooping, and pooping, and pooping – with zero strain. It just kind of slipped out.

Brain Gut 17: The Power Squat
Powerful new article by Dr. Jack Kruse, Neurosurgeon and Optimal Health Coach

Today we are going to talk a bit about your “out door” as part of the brain gut series continues. Today I am going to show you how spinal biomechanics and defecation are intimately related to good or poor physiologic function and may result in illness...

For Best Toilet Health: Squat or Sit?
Great new article by Dr. Joseph Mercola, The World's #1 Natural Health Website

Is the Western toilet in part responsible for problems like hemorrhoids, constipation, IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease), appendicitis, and even heart attacks? If you examine the data, there is a great deal of evidence this is true. The modern toilet has required us to change the position we use to evacuate our bowels, which changes the anatomy of… well, a poop, to put it bluntly.

Squatty Potty is featured on the Emmy Award-winning show, THE DOCTORS.

Dr Orton is the #1 advocate for going #2 properly! He says Squatty Potty is great for constipation, hemorrhoids and colon problems because it changes the anorectcal angle and “it takes the strain out of going #2".

Roger Siddoway, MD, FACG
Endorses Squatty Potty®!

Dr Siddoway graduated from George Washington University Medical School. He is board certified in both Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology. He has practiced gastroenterology and performed endoscopic examinations for 25 years. His areas of interest include inflammatory bowel disease and liver disorders. He has two Squatty Potty foot stools in his home!

"Millions are people are suffering from constipation and hemorrhoids.
Are you one of them?

Hello, my name is Doctor Roger Siddoway, and as a Gastroenterologist I've been telling my patients for years that in order to keep things moving you need to eat fiber, drink plenty of water and exercise.

Now, I tell my patients to elevate their knees above their waist with the Squatty Potty® foot stool when they go.

Here's why - Anatomically, humans were designed to squat but then we started sitting and sitting brought on problems like constipation and hemorrhoids. So the real problem is how we sit. That's why I recommend the Squatty Potty. The Squatty Potty is so simple because it helps you elevate your knees while enjoying the comfort of your own toilet. Plus, the Squatty Potty is for everyone, not only those with problems. That's why I recommend it for the whole family.

Give it a try - It just might change your life!"

Dr. R. Olsen, M.D.
Recommends Squatty Potty®!

Of all the modern medical appliance breakthroughs, one in particular, The Squatty Potty has affected my family's life. The most successful medical appliance breakthroughs are based upon improvements to current appliances. In this case, we are dealing with a reintroduction of what has worked for millennia. The squatting bathroom position.

The Squatty Potty realigns the associated internal organs slightly, creating an adventitious angle for both elimination of urine and fecal matter.

For all of those who dread the strain involved in going to the bathroom, now there is a revolutionary device that will change your life and the lives of those you love. Sadly, the effects of incomplete or difficult urine and fecal elimination can absolutely shorten and complicate ones life. With the rise of colon cancer it should be noted that fecal material in a stagnant non-motile form laying against the colon walls can create multiple medical problems. With the advent of The Squatty Potty a patient that has historically suffered from difficult and incomplete fecal elimination that faces possible colo-rectal disease, can find relief. Those that strain while eliminating fecal matter are at severe risk of developing microtears in the rectal region that can lead to a prolapsed rectum, where the rectal walls are actually passed through the anus and lie exposed on one's backside.

Correspondingly, women who have difficulty emptying their bladder can greatly benefit by using The Squatty Potty. By slightly altering the angle of the urinary organ alignment during the urinating process, the urological organs are more relaxed. This aids in more effective and complete draining of the bladder. In short, this new device based on historical practices will benefit ALL who use it. The Squatty Potty is a functional, practical means to help one live a longer and healthier life.

Meg Tolbert, MSN, ANP, BC
Nurse Practitioner, Stanford Pelvic Floor Clinic
Recommends squatting to patients!

At our clinic, we see patients who are chronically constipated. We recommend the use of foot stools to all our patients. Our patients exclusively come to us with the diagnosis of pelvic floor destruction or outlet obstruction - that is what we specialize in.

Defecography shows that squatting on the floor physiologically allows the knee-hip angle to open to a degree that is most efficient. We don't' recommend that people squat on the floor because for sanitary reasons we have toilets and plumbing. So the use of a stool is the next best thing.

The toilet is a western, modern luxury that is not necessarily equivalent to efficiency and what is best for our medical health. When we require our patients to squat, we realize that is not very safe if someone tries to squat on the toilet. That is why we recommend the use of stools like Squatty Potty.

I like the Squatty Potty because it comes in 3 heights making it customizable and is shaped – cut out to allow people to get close to the toilet without obstruction.

Trying to get the angle from 90 degrees to an angle that provides less resistance because if the angle is less, there is less for the stool to work through to evacuation. When the pubal rectalis muscle in its sling does not relax - an individual can gain assistance just by repositioning or squatting. Squatting causes a forced change in the knee-hip angle changes the angle from a 90- to a 45-degrees so the stool has less resistance to move through. Ideally, use of a stool helps people be more very effective in their evacuation. In addition to angle and positioning; the other piece of the puzzle is using proper pushing techniques. The Squatty Potty allows for less work and more efficiency with evacuation.

Using the stool is basically a lifestyle change that I tell them they have to do forever because when someone has this type of dysfunction, they must reeducate their muscles.

If a patient commits to surgery, we commit them to a lifetime of squatting. If they do not, they will inevitably be back with recurrence of the dysfunction. It is a lifestyle change.