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How a Poop Company Amassed a Cult Following

Everyone wants to poop better. But, before Squatty Potty, you’d never be caught dead talking about this in a public setting. So, how in the world did Squatty Potty make what once was just a geriatric device, something cool enough to suggest to your friends?

Delicious Fiber-full Halloween Fun!

Purple oatmeal recipe that loves to be dressed up for Halloween! Eating some oatmeal everyday, while drinking enough water, will help improve your poops.

Should I Squat To Poop?

Are you sitting on the toilet while reading this? Great timing, but not so great posture. Need the facts? We got ’em.

The Potty Training Tool You Can’t Live Without!

Potty training horror stories are a common conversation amongst parents, but they may not stop there. Did you know that improper elimination in your child can lead to all sorts of health issues later in life?

Pooping While Pregnant

This is a post about how the Squatty Potty changed my life. I don’t know how or why I didn’t let this beautiful stool into my life sooner. I had many opportunities, as I owned one for a few years before I actually tried it. Maybe I was playing hard to get? I regret the time we lost, but I can for sure say it’s the real deal now.

Save Time With Squatty Potty

We’ve all done it. “You just want a little more time to yourself” – a few minutes away to sit and think and, erm, poop. Masking your bathroom strain with the excuse of “you time” is common; but considering Americans spend an average of 30 minutes in the bathroom every day. How can the Squatty Potty help?