7 Reasons We’re Thankful (for Squatty Potty)

posted Nov 22, 2017

Let our hearts be both full of thanks and giving,
(and our colons be empty- thanks to squatty potty.)

With Thanksgiving less than 24 hours away, we thought we’d list out what we’re thankful for, here at Squatty Potty.

1. Family + friends.

We’re all thankful for family, until it comes time to follow after one of those family members into the bathroom. Don’t get us wrong, we’re thankful for their existence, but we may not be so thankful for the (oh so stanky) existence they just created in the toilet. Correction: we’re thankful for poop spray. So, so thankful.

2. Food

Who doesn’t love food? We’re about to have turkey, potatoes, green bean casserole, and a whole bunch of full bellies tomorrow. But, what if that all stayed in there? We’re thankful for Squatty Potty, so we can get the job done and comfortable snag seconds (and thirds).

3. A Roof Over Our Heads

*More specifically, indoor plumbing under that roof.

4. Travel

Adventure is out there! Traveling is awesome. Travel constipation is not. Sharing a bathroom can create some serious bathroom anxiety. “What if I take too long?”, “What if I stink up the bathroom?”, or worse “I’ll just hold it,” are, unfortunately, common thoughts for those with bathroom anxiety. If only there was a portable Squatty Potty to relieve this anxiety and allow for us to enjoy this travel we’re oh so thankful for. *wink* Oh wait, there is. We’re thankful for relaxing travel; you know, the kind our colons don’t have to pay for.

4. Poop.

Parents, we see you nodding in agreeance. You know you’re a parent when you’re thankful for poop; specifically- in the toilet. Parents of small children find themselves pretty routinely deep in the muck of their kids’ bodily stuff. After diapers (so many diapers), there is a whole universe of potty training, accidents, and steps in the learning process. There is, to put it bluntly, a lot of crap involved with caring for the next generation. Which is why we’re thankful for poop in the toilet, and any tools that help that process along.

5. Bobby + Judy Edwards

We’re thankful for Bobby & Judy Edwards, and you should be too. Without them, we’d all be grunting with sweat dripping down our foreheads for 45 minutes; and worse, we’d all be thinking that was “normal”. I think we can all agree, we’re thankful for Squatty Potty.
(Let them know how thankful you are in the comments.)

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