Save Time With Squatty Potty

We’ve all done it. “You just want a little more time to yourself” – a few minutes away to sit and think and, erm, poop. Masking your bathroom strain with the excuse of “you time” is common; but considering Americans spend an average of 30 minutes in the bathroom every day. How can the Squatty Potty help?

Dookie Cares About Your Health; Your Eye Health

We’ve been taught since little youngsters not to stare at the sun, yet that’s what millions of people are gathering to do Monday the 21st with their closest friends and family. The Great American Total Solar Eclipse is here. How can you protect your eyes?

How To Be A Poop Detective?

What an empty colon means for you and your kids. I am a mom, practicing Pediatrician and author from Phoenix, Arizona.  I recently released a children’s book, How to be a Poop Detective. How can this help you?