How I Made My Sh*t Not Stank, And How You Can Too!

posted July 12, 2017

Written by heather rae blue

Workplace bathroom anxiety is real, people. Yet, men and women still clink their mugs together with their morning coffee in the breakroom. Whether you prefer it instant, cold-brewed, straight espresso or caramelized, for most the result is predictable: A quick rush of energy followed by another rush to the bathroom. Then comes the anxiety. We’ve gotten sneaky, trying to slide by the offices unnoticed so that you’re not responsible for the bathroom stank. It’s become an art, really. But, rushing to another floor to do the deed, or waiting for everyone to leave the multiple-stall bathroom while you’re drenched in sweat and your eye is twitching has got to end. The solution? Poo sprays. The real question is, which one?

Poo sprays have two basic jobs: to eliminate odor and not suffocate the next bathroom attendee. So why is it that most poo sprays represent a compromise between convenience, air supply- or the lack thereof, and most importantly: odor elimination? I decided to test out the top odor eliminating sprays to really make sure my sh*t don’t stank. (Spoiler: I found the holy grail.)

It became a social experiment, of sorts. With two bathrooms in the office, I put Poo-Pourri and Mask in bathroom A. I set up Poo-Pourri, Mask, and Squatty Potty Poo Spray in Bathroom B. Throughout the day, bathroom A built up with a plethora of stenches. None of which you’d want to be a part of. Layer upon layer, the stench became worse and even carried around the office. Bathroom B became a hot commodity, having Squatty Potty Poo Spray become a topic of uncommon conversation. No masking involved, Squatty Potty Poo Spray eliminated all odor, and allowed for a public bathroom anxiety-free experience for coworkers.

The winner was obvious: The holy grail that is Squatty Potty Poo SprayBut why? Squatty Potty Poo Spray is a ‘before-you-squat’ poo spray. Meaning just how it sounds, you spray the toilet water before you go! The non-toxic (bonus!) concoction of essential oils and real gold nanoparticles traps bathroom odors deep beneath the surface of the toilet water and leaves an awesome scent in their place. You read that right: real gold nanoparticles. Let me explain; because gold is a porous substance, it is able to suck up the sulfur, which is responsible for the ugly stank. It literally sucks up the odor and replaces it with heaven smelling scents. It also passed the suffocation test, meaning it is light and airy, smells awesome, and you won’t need to take a big breath after leaving the room. Squatty Potty has five different scents, all of which smell amazing and have the stank-fighting ingredient: gold nanoparticles, allowing you preference of scent without losing the odor fighting abilities. The only problem you’ll run into is choosing which scent to use, but they offer a 5-pack where you get them all for a discounted price. Problem solved.

Say goodbye to bathroom anxiety and say hello to talking about bathroom odor on your blog because you need to tell the world of this amazing product and save the noses of bathroom patrons everywhere.


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