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Dookie Cares About Your Health; Your Eye Health

We’ve been taught since little youngsters not to stare at the sun, yet that’s what millions of people are gathering to do Monday the 21st with their closest friends and family. The Great American Total Solar Eclipse is here. How can you protect your eyes?

Back to School Pooping Tips

Time to get back into a routine which means reestablishing good eating, sleeping and a healthy bathroom ritual. Our body does better with a good night’s sleep, eating a healthy breakfast and attempting to go poop before we are off to school and work. What else you can do to help your children and you?

How To Be A Poop Detective?

What an empty colon means for you and your kids. I am a mom, practicing Pediatrician and author from Phoenix, Arizona.  I recently released a children’s book, How to be a Poop Detective. How can this help you?

How I Made My Sh*t Not Stank, And How You Can Too!

Workplace bathroom anxiety is real, people. Yet, men and women still clink their mugs together with their morning coffee in the breakroom. For most the result is predictable: A quick rush of energy followed by another rush to the bathroom. The solution?

How Do You Clean Up after Pooping?

Prior to the turn of the new millennium, nearly everyone in the U.S. cleaned up after pooping in pretty much the same way — by wiping with toilet paper, front to back (especially for women). Is there a better way?