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How To Be A Poop Detective?

What an empty colon means for you and your kids. I am a mom, practicing Pediatrician and author from Phoenix, Arizona.  I recently released a children’s book, How to be a Poop Detective. How can this help you?

How I Made My Sh*t Not Stank, And How You Can Too!

Workplace bathroom anxiety is real, people. Yet, men and women still clink their mugs together with their morning coffee in the breakroom. For most the result is predictable: A quick rush of energy followed by another rush to the bathroom. The solution?

How Do You Clean Up after Pooping?

Prior to the turn of the new millennium, nearly everyone in the U.S. cleaned up after pooping in pretty much the same way — by wiping with toilet paper, front to back (especially for women). Is there a better way?

June is National Bathroom Reading Month

June is National Bathroom Reading Month. With that in mind, we’re pleased to welcome you to our first post in what we plan to make a regular series on the topic of bathroom reading.

Squatty Potty Official Statement Regarding Kathy Griffin

Squatty Potty Official Statement Regarding Kathy Griffin posted may 30, 2017 We recently enlisted celebrity comedian Kathy Griffin to star in a new ad campaign, and in response to today's events, our CEO Bobby Edwards has issued the following statement: "We were...