Squat, Squirt, and Save Money on Toilet Paper

Posted on March 28, 2017 in Squatty Potty 101

If you’re like most people, you spend a lot of money on toilet paper, especially if you use the good stuff. In fact, according to ToiletPaperWorld.com, the number of days a standard roll of toilet paper usually lasts in the most-used bathrooms in the house is five. That’s because we use on average 8.6 sheets per trip for a total of 57 sheets per day, and an annual usage total of 20,805 sheets!

But flushing money down the toilet is not the only problem. Using excessive amounts of toilet paper contributes to other issues related to cost and comfort:

  • Irritation: Wiping intensely more than a couple times with dry toilet paper can irritate the soft rectal tissue, causing anal itching and pain. Women may also suffer from vaginal irritation: see “Chronic vulvar irritation: could toilet paper be the culprit?” for more info on this issue. Toilet paper may contain dyes, fragrances, and other additives that can also cause irritation.
  • Toilet clogs: The more toilet paper you use, the more likely your toilet will clog and perhaps even overflow. Clogs are even more likely in the modern era of low-flow toilets designed to conserve water.
  • Septic system failure: If your home has a septic system, you need to use septic-safe toilet paper, but even too much of that can strain the system.
  • Environmental waste: Whether your home has a septic system or ties in to the public sewer system, more toilet paper means more environmental waste. In addition, even if you’re using a product made from recycled paper, toilet paper production negatively impacts the environment to some degree.

Squatty Potty can help. We offer a one-two product punch that can significantly reduce your toilet paper usage:

  • Toilet stool: Our toilet stools promote and facilitate squatting, spreading your butt cheeks for cleaner, fuller elimination. Cleaner poops = less mess = less toilet paper.
  • Bidet: Swoosh your tush before wiping with our ReFresh-It Bidet to remove most of the mess. Dry with a small amount of toilet paper; one or two swipes should do the trick.

So, do yourself a favor; squat and squirt your way to healthier, cleaner poops. Your tush and your toilet will appreciate the change, and you’ll save some money along the way!



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