We Have The Solutions To Your Potty Training Issues

posted August 10, 2017

It’s the Holy Grail of potty training.  The laying of the golden egg (or, uh, poop).  The final bridge to cross before your kid can safely enter the real world in undies.
It’s the poop in the potty and it’s the most maddening and just flat out frustrating aspect of parenting for many, many toddler parents. We get it. Which is why we’ve gathered a few solutions to those tricky yet common potty training issues of getting your toddler to poop in the potty:

Automatic Flush Fears

Problem: Alright, so your child is scared of the automatic flushers. Does this mean you’re forever home-bound?

Solution: Don’t worry, the answer to that question is no. We have a simple trick. Pack some post-it notes in your bag when you go out with the kids. When they’re needing to go, put the post-it note on the sensor. Once they’re done, wiped, and out of the stall, you can take the post-it note off and immense the flush.

Refusing #2

Problem: Your child has already shown that he can go with the flow by peeing in the potty. But with number two, it’s a whole different story.

Solution: Sometimes it’s a matter of control — the more you push them to poop, the more your tot enjoys the power to hold it in. Fear might also be a factor — some kids have trouble pooping because they’re afraid their bum will fall in the toilet. Others are bothered by the idea of losing a part of themselves when the poop disappears down the bowl. The solution is to stabilize the wobbly toilet, and reassure and explain the duties of food and why it comes out. Understanding that they aren’t going to be sucked in- nor will they be watching vital organs flush down the commode- may help them feel more comfortable doing the deed on the big kid potty.

Squat, don’t sit!

Problem: Straining is a real potty-party killer when it’s introduced to your toddler.

Solution: What do your children do when they go #2 in their diaper? They run behind the couch and squat to eliminate. Squatting is a natural position to eliminate because the squat actually relaxes the muscle around the colon. Being backed-up is never fun. They won’t want to use the big kid potty if they see it as a giant straining machine. The solution isn’t having them squat on the toilet seat, but rather- use a Squatty Potty. Squatty Potty offers a 9″ stool to get the child’s knees above their hips, simulating a squat. Say goodbye to straining and hello to potty training success! Hint: they also have an adjustable Squatty Potty stool: the 7″ for you, the parent, and a 2″ topper- making it a 9″ stool for the tot. A strain-free family is a happy family.

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