Independent Reviews Of The Squatty Potty

Our Favorite Independent Articles About Squatty Potty

Some people really love their Squatty Potty. We are always excited to hear great feedback from satisfied customers. Here are some reviews from some very happy Squatty Potty users!

  • The Paleo Mom
  • "This thing is ridiculously awesome. It is not natural to love a stool as much as I do, but I can’t help it. It really is more comfortable and easier to go from a squatting position. It doesn’t feel like work (and, at least for me, it used to feel like work more often than not)."
  • Wellness Mama
  • "What surprised me with the Squatty Potty was the immediate difference I noticed. The first time I used it, things moved much more quickly (there I go starting with the TMI). Within two days, this position felt so natural that it was strange to sit in the “normal position” anymore."
  • Underground Wellness
  • "This thing is super cool! It’s stylish. You can stow it away by sliding it under your toilet bowl."
  • Healthy Home Economist
  • "I was thrilled when my new Squatty Potty arrived; and wow, you could actually feel the difference immediately. You could feel it going straight down–plop! I hopped off the squatty potty and my day was good to go–woo hoo!"
  • Delicious Obsessions
  • "The first time I used it, I expected it to feel awkward and perhaps a little uncomfortable. However, I was pleasantly surprised that the position didn’t feel awkward at all. It felt natural and very comfortable. As a matter of fact, it feels really strange to use a toilet that doesn’t have one."
  • Mother Nature Network
  • "I never feel bloated anymore. Literally: Never. Feel. Bloated. I might not actuallybe skinny, but I feel skinny. Simply eliminating with the help of the Squatty Potty gives you that "I just went on a 10 day juice cleanse" feeling. That is as close to publicly discussing my actual experience of pooping that I'll get. Trust me — try it; you'll like it."
  • Poop Report
  • "When the time came, I pulled the stool forward a few inches, turned around, sat on the toilet, and put my feet on the spots designate for them on the stool. This caused my knees to ride up around my chest and put me in a safe, squatting position. What happened next almost made me laugh. It was as if my butt was confused, because the sensation of pooping with a straight colon was really no sensation of all. The poop just kind of, well, came out. Plop. And that was that."