Unicorn Gold Variety 5-pack $40

The Variety Value pack gives you all 5 scents for the price of 4! Giving you one free bottle! ($10-$15 savings)

It’s magical! Unicorn Gold is a ‘before-you-squat’ potty spray uniquely created by Squatty Potty. Just a few sprays of Unicorn Gold into the toilet bowl and that skunky, putrid bathroom stench stays where it belongs – trapped deep below the surface of the toilet water. 

Unicorn Gold fights the good fight on your behalf:

  • Toilet Tech: Non Toxic Formula includes real Gold nanoparticles combined with Essential Oils to trap odors below the surface of the toilet water
  • Available in five refreshing scents: Citrus Squeeze, Mystic Forest, Tropical Dropsicle, Fruity Booty & Pinch of Vanilla
  • Unicorn Gold magically turns your “business” into nothing more than a stroll to the end of a freshly-fallen rainbow.
  • Each bottle is good for around 400 / 200 trips to the porcelain throne (depending on size)

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  • 2 oz
  • 4 oz
Price $40

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