eBay Buyer Beware

Nov 19, 2019

If you have spent any time shopping on eBay then you know what a mess their website can be sometimes. Well, that mess has now affected Squatty Potty, so we wanted to make sure customers are aware of the problem.

Currently if you go to eBay and do a search for Squatty Potty you will see 350+ results. Several of the sellers listed are legitimate third party distributors offering genuine products. However, many are not offering authentic Squatty Potty toilet stools.

To ensure you don’t get fooled into buying a knock off, it's best to order directly from Squatty Potty. If you did order from a third party seller and feel like you got ripped off with a counterfeit product, please be sure to contact eBay so they can remove fraudulent sellers.

We apologize for any inconvenience and confusion this situation may cause. We’re just trying to look out for you!