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Dr. ModiGastroenterology

Dr. Modi attended Medical School at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine. He is currently a Fellow a the University of Virginia. He was the lead researcher on the recently published study on DPMD’s impact on bowel movements. He joined the advisory council in January of 2019.

Dr. Amanda Fisher, DPTEmpower Your Pelvis

Dr. Fisher is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and the owner of Empower Your Pelvis. She specializes in treating spine, abdominals, pelvis, genitals and much more. She joined the advisory council in 2022.

Dr. SiddowayGastroenterology

Dr Siddoway is Board Certified in Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology. He specializes in Liver Disease and Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Dr. Siddoway has been a member of the advisory council since 2015.

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EDUCATIONALDr. Modi Research Findings
EDUCATIONALEffects of Squatting

A few words from other sources

Modi, Rohan M. MD, et. alImplementation of a Defecation Posture Modification DeviceThe goal of this study was to evaluate the influence of defecation postural modification devices (DPMDs) on normal bowel patterns. READ NOW
Dov Sikirov, MDComparison Of Straining During Defecation In Three PositionsThe aim of the study was to compare the straining forces applied when sitting or squatting during defecation. READ NOW
Saeed Rad, MDImpact Of Ethnic Habits On Defecographic MeasurementsThe main goal of this study was to compare Iranian and European habits of bowel evacuation on defecographic measurements. READ NOW
Ryuji SakakibaraInfluence Of Body Position On Defecation In HumansTo compare three positions for defecation by measuring abdominal pressure and the anorectal angle simultaneously. READ NOW
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