Pooping While Pregnant

Nov 21, 2019

This is a post about how the Squatty Potty changed my life. I don’t know how or why I didn’t let this beautiful stool into my life sooner. I had many opportunities, as I owned one for a few years before I actually tried it. Maybe I was playing hard to get? I regret the time we lost, but I can for sure say it’s the real deal now. True love.

I hate to admit it, but I was desperate the first time I used the Squatty Potty. We have a strong relationship now, but our love blossomed out of a last resort situation.

I have IBS that comes and goes with constipation. Sometimes I’m ok to eat that grilled cheese sandwich and sometimes it clogs me up for days. No one likes a stomach full of poo. In fact, it’s on my list of top 5 least favorite things.

And then I became pregnant.


My nurses, as well as all my pregnancy apps warned me of possible bowel complications that come with hosting another human being inside of you. There is only so much room to get things moving, if you know what I mean? I think I was just so happy to be pregnant, and I’ve already dealt with poo troubles from my IBS, so it really can’t be THAT bad, right? Oh, and my anti-nausea medication causes MORE bowel issues? It’ll be ok, I’m having a baby and it’s all going to be awesome!

Wrong. Ok ok, the having the baby part is still awesome. The difficulty pooping? Not so much. I started taking stool softeners which helped about half the time. I was struggling. My husband suggested I finally try the Squatty Potty. Me, being hormonal, thought this was a dumb idea and nothing could save me from the poo plugged abyss.

But remember, I was desperate. For goodness sake, I was practically getting a hernia!

I pulled out the Squatty Potty from under my toilet and sat for a moment. Never rush a poo. Little by little my bowels were relieved from pregnancy poo’s evil grasp. It was a miracle! I no longer had to strain to poop!  As our love grew and grew, I realized I had to take a trip out of town and couldn’t bear the thought of leaving my Squatty Potty behind. This was really the only way to poop easily and effectively for me, especially in my pregnancy! Guess what? The Porta-Squatty exits just for this purpose. I never knew I had this much love in my heart for a poop stool.

I had to tell all of my friends and family what they were missing out on. I could not keep this love for myself! A lot of them are pregnant as well and they have all found such sweet, sweet relief from using the Squatty Potty.