Choosing The Best Squatty Potty For You

May 04, 2022

The science is in—toilet stools are proven to help you enjoy more satisfying poops and alleviate downstairs bathroom issues. Propping your legs up on a bathroom stool allows your colon to straighten, providing extra space for your poop to exit smoother and more pleasurably. 

Deciding you want to have healthier and happier bowel movements is easy, but deciding which stool design works best for you can be more difficult. No butts or bathrooms are built the same. Different stools are going to work for different people. To help you find a stool that fits your lifestyle, we’ve created a guide to make you compare features and make your choice easier. 

Let’s find the best Squatty Potty for you.


7” or 9” in height. Which size is right for you? 

The 7-inch toilet stool is considered standard and recommended for all new squatters, tall people, and users with conventionally sized toilets (14”-16”). The 9-inch stool is recommended for shorter people or those who consider themselves more limber or experienced squatters. People with Comfort Height toilets should also consider choosing a taller 9-inch stool. Not sure about the size of your toilet? Break out the measuring tape, lift the seat, and measure from the top of the bowl to the floor. If you get anything above 16.5” in height, you might be a 9-inch stool candidate.

Still not sure which size is right for you? Squatty Potty has your indecisive ass covered. The Adjustable Stool and Bamboo Flip models have versatile two-height designs to ensure you find the most comfortable squatting position every time.


Are you self conscious about your stool?

All Squatty Potty stools are designed to fit conveniently at the base of your toilet. If you’re a self-conscious squatter or bathroom neat freak, you may want to choose a stool that folds into compact form. Versatile models like the Fold-N-Stow, Oslo Bamboo Folding, Stockholm Bamboo Folding, or Travel Porta Squatty, let you easily stow and hide your stool when guests arrive. These stools offer all the sturdiness of a standard stool but with the added flexibility of folding for travel or storage.

If you’re exhausted thinking about folding and storing but still uneasy about the thought of someone seeing your stool, Squatty Potty has models that quietly blend into the background. The Slim Ghost and Slim Frosted Ghost stools are so minimal, sleek, and understated, people might not even notice them beneath your toilet.


Is your bathroom functional or luxurious?

Squatters with regular, no-frills bathrooms may opt for more practical and affordable options such as the Original Squatty Potty. If you’re worried about your stool taking up space, you may also consider the sleek and minimal Curve design (available in pink, gray, or black). 

If you have an upgraded bathroom, Squatty Potty offers sophisticated stool designs to match modern bathroom interiors. These luxury sculpted options can provide a more seamless and aesthetically pleasing bathroom experience. Stools like Carrara Marble, Slim Teak Contempo, Slim Frosted Ghost can instantly elevate any bathroom.

Do you have children? 

If you have a family, Squatty Potty has special stools to help your child poop healthier and create better toilet habits. Potty Pets can help make potty training easier, while stools like the Spongebob SquarePants Squatty Potty ensure they’re comfortable and having fun while relieving their “bikini bottoms.”


Are you afraid of the dark? 

If you’re spooked by darkness or tired of stubbing your toe in your bathroom at night, a stool with a motion-activated night light can help you to find your way around the bathroom. The Eclipse stool can help you poop better and get you back to bed safely. 

Choose your stool

Choosing the best toilet stool for you depends on several factors including style, budget, and more. Asking yourself these questions while browsing Squatty Potty’s collection of designs can help you find the best stool for you and put the days of uncomfortable eliminations behind you.

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