Five Simple Tricks to Avoid Constipation

May 18, 2022

Taking a hearty, healthy poop can be one of life’s great pleasures. No matter the consistency, letting one loose is a solid way to feel like you accomplished something during your day.

On the other hand, one of life’s great miseries is not being able to shake one free. You’ve probably been there. You feel the urge. You head to the bathroom. You assume position on your trusty toilet and then—nothing. A daunting realization slowly creeps into your mind. You’re constipated.

If you’ve ever suffered from constipation, then you know how uncomfortable and painful it can be. While there isn’t enough clinical data to prove the Squatty Potty can cure constipation, it can ease the strain of pooping by 90%. To help you on the toilet, we’ve compiled a list of simple tips and tricks to get you unstuck when you’re in a jam.


1. Fuel Your Poop Chute Properly

The easiest way to avoid constipation is to simply eat more fiber. Not sure what fiber is exactly? It’s the portion of your food that your body cannot digest. Eating fiber creates a healthy, but indigestible mass that passes through your digestive system, helping the body eliminate waste and keeping things moving smoothly along. Eat more high-fiber foods like beans, fruit, vegetables, and whole grains to help restore regularity.


2. The More You Move, The More You Poop

Constipation is often caused by our modern lifestyle. We sit in traffic, we sit at our desks, and we sit on the couch playing Wordle. We don't move around enough, which is why so many of us suffer from constipation. Gentle exercise is your best friend when it comes to keeping things moving through your digestive tract. Regular activity keeps your body busy and gives your internal plumbing less time to absorb water, keeping your poop nice and slick on the way out.



 3. Let’s Get Regular

Finding a stable poop routine keeps the intestines clean. Constipation is defined as having three bowel movements or less per week. Training your body to poop once per day can provide serious constipation relief. Here’s a tried and true poopus-operandi: Start your day by drinking a cup of water and coffee each morning. Ingesting fluids right when you wake up rehydrates your body and helps your digestive system absorb essential vitamins and minerals that keep everything running smoothly. 


4. Listen to Your Fart

When you feel the urge to purge, it is probably best to heed it. When you put off pooping for a more convenient time, you’re sending signals to your colon to stop pushing and start storing. The longer you wait, the harder it can be to get those digestive juices flowing and those internal muscles pumping. To avoid constipation, listen to your body as soon as it says it’s time to go.



5. Don’t Let Stress Get You Down in the Dumps

The more mental stress you feel, the higher the physical toll on your body. Anxiety and stress not only drive some of the bad habits that cause constipation (poor diet, lack of exercise, etc.), but they can also literally affect the function of your sphincter. Finding solace in this day and age is easier said than done, but activities like meditation, yoga, or even taking a short walk have been proven to help put the mind at ease. The smoother your internal thoughts, the smoother your external poos.

If you’ve experienced constipation, you’re not alone. In fact, it’s estimated one in five Americans suffers from chronic constipation. Next time you’re feeling stuck, avoid becoming one of them by using these simple tips to relieve your constipation symptoms.