Refresh-It® Dual-Stream Bidet


Reduce toilet paper use while keeping your front and back clean!

Our Refresh-It® Dual-Stream Bidet is the best way to clean up after a satisfying poop. It features two sprays keep both your front and back sparkly clean - and helps to save trees by reducing toilet paper usage.

  • Two cleaning sprays: front and back
  • Adjustable pressure control
  • Includes stainless steel hose, metal fittings, and pressure reducer valve*
  • Non-electric – no battery or electricity required
  • Simple installation with no special tools required
  • Eco-friendly function saves trees and toilet paper
  • Great for postpartum recovery and hemorrhoids

*Pressure reducer valve is pre-installed in the bidet itself. It is located in the cold water inlet where the hose connects to the bidet. If water pressure is too low, you can remove the pressure reducer valve from the bidet. Simply remove it by using a flat head screw driver or pliers to pull it from the bidet valve. 

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