6 Ways To Make Your Poop Smell Better

Jun 28, 2022

Sometimes taking a good bathroom break can leave you in a state of poo-phoria, especially when you use a Squatty Potty to position your body in a comfy squat. But as good as it feels, it can smell terrible—which is why, no matter where you are, you want to make sure the odor of your ordure is not overpowering. To help you make and take more pleasant smelling poops, we’ve compiled a list of ways to make your waste smell wonderful.

Avoid strong-smelling foods

If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a thousand times: You are what you eat. Your poop is also, quite literally, what you eat. If you eat something with a strong smell, your poop will often retain that same odor. With that in mind, you'll want to steer clear of foods that are known for having a strong stench. If you’re worried about the essence of your excrement, you should try to avoid strong-smelling fruits and vegetables like onions, garlic, and cauliflower, or meats like fish or certain cuts of beef. Also note that the more you cook or fry these foods, the worse they’ll smell on the way out.


Squat to get it all out at once

The less you visit your bathroom, the less likely you'll be leaving behind bathroom odors. Squatting to eliminate is clinically proven to increase bowel emptiness which means you won't be going back for round 2.

Using a specially designed toilet stool, helps undo the kink in your digestive system without any extra effort on your end. Not sure which toilet stool is right for you? Use our guide to find the stool that best suits you.


Choose The Right Squatty Potty For You


Keep your bacteria in check with probiotics

In addition to assuming the proper pooping pose with a Squatty Potty, probiotics have also been proven to help regulate gut bacteria and keep your digestive system running smoothly. They promote good bacteria in your gut, which can help cut down on nasty smelling gas and waste. Probiotics don’t only help you take better smelling movements, they can also help with a range of other health issues like diarrhea, constipation and allergies. 



Check your medications

If you’re taking regular medication, it’s probably for good reason. That said, medications could also be the culprit of your nasty-smelling stool. If you’re concerned about the scent of your scat,  ask your doctor or pharmacist if  your meds could be causing the odor. The conversation could lead to important conclusions about what the medicine is doing inside your body. Medications, for example, can sometimes cause constipation and diarrhea—both of which can smell unpleasant. In addition to odor, medications may also change your bowel habits, stool color and shape. So when looking for solutions to improve the smell of your poop, make sure to talk to your doctor first about any medication changes before trying any home remedies.

Poop Regularly

The longer your waste has to sit in your stomach, the worse it often smells. If you poop less than once every three days, it's easy for your stool to become hard and dry. This can lead to stinky gas that smells like sulfur or rotten eggs. Pooping more often is important for keeping things looking and smelling good down there. To help you avoid constipation, we’ve compiled a list of simple tips and tricks to get you unstuck when you’re in a jam.


Simple tricks to avoid constipation


Drink more coffee

If you're dealing with digestive problems that make your poop smell bad, the solution could be as simple as drinking more coffee. Coffee is a natural stimulant known to increase the frequency of bowel movement and reduce constipation or bloating. Drinking coffee can help eliminate bad bacteria that leads to foul-smelling fecal matter. 

The final turd

When it comes to changing the smell of your poop, it’s mind over (fecal) matter. Poop will always have a stench, but using these simple tips and tricks to take your waste from nasty to normal in the flush of a toilet. Avoid foul-smelling foods, tracking your gut health, and assuming a squatting position with a Squatty Potty are all effective ways to keep your bathroom smelling pleasant.