Squatty Potty® Redefines Proper Pooping with New Branding and Message

ST GEORGE, Utah, March 9, 2020 -- Squatty Potty, the global leader in toilet stools known for its viral commercial of an ice cream pooping unicorn, announced today the launch of its new corporate brand identity, redesigned logo, and website.

These changes come at a time when the company is evolving its portfolio of products and expanding its global reach. "In the last year, Squatty Potty has successfully diversified and scaled its product offerings while broadening our own global footprint across four continents," said Bernie Kropfelder, CEO of Squatty Potty. "Our new website and brand identity better reflect our market-leading position and clearly demonstrates the comprehensive lifecycle of products that we bring to consumers across the globe."

The rebrand comes on the heels of a new study published in the Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology. Researchers found that 90% of people who used the Squatty Potty strained less, and 71% had faster bowel movements among other benefits.

"Our brand is one of a kind," Squatty Potty Creative Director, Carson Stilson says. "We found a way to capitalize its unique message while better communicating the health benefits our stool is proven to provide."

The brand mission has been updated to clearly convey that Squatty Potty is practical, proven, and fun. The new identity is designed to work effortlessly across digital and physical channels, the new logo evokes a feeling of inspiration and the customized font speaks to the upgraded playful position of the brand. The water droplets give a nod to the brand's home in bathroom products and the splash upwards is designed to convey the company's continued movement and expansion beyond stools.

The new identity has also been carried through the packaging executions as well. Highly stylized packaging designed in both vertical and horizontal footprints allow for varied merchandising options at retail. This execution highlights the brand and products while optimizing shelf footprint.

Squatty Potty's products are unique to the toilet stool category because they carry an FDA Registration as a General Wellness Device. Their stools are recommended by doctors and therapists across the globe. The company also aims to reduce plastic waste by including 50% recycled material in their line of plastic stools. More than 5 times the industry standard. Further setting the iconic brand apart from knock-offs and plagiarizers. "It's a message everyone needs to hear," commented Kropfelder. "You're pooping improperly and its proven our product can change your life for the better."

For more information visit https://www.squattypotty.com/ or call Carson Stilson or Shelly Green at 855-628-1099. Connect on social media @squattypotty, #squattypotty, #poopbetter

About Squatty Potty, LLC

Founded in 2011, Squatty Potty, LLC is a consumer products company whose product lines consist of toilet stools, sprays and other bathroom accessories. Its flagship product, the Squatty Potty stool, is designed to help users assume the squatting position while using the bathroom, delivering fast, complete elimination with comfort and ease. In 2014, the Company was featured on ABC’s hit TV show Shark Tank, and became the second most successful company in the history of the show. In 2015, the Company launched a wildly successful marketing campaign featuring a viral YouTube video that has garnered over 140 million views to date and won the 2016 Webby Award. Currently Squatty Potty products are sold in over 6,000 retail locations globally including Bed, Bath & Beyond, Walmart and Target.